Top 10 photos to take of your newborn in hospital during Covid-19 Pandemic

April 17, 2020 How To

The Covid-19 global pandemic means parents cannot bring in a photographer to document their birth or for a Fresh 48 hospital session. This is due to the visitor restrictions to keep you and your baby as safe as possible! Here is a top ten list of photos you, your partner or a staff member could take of your newborn baby, including some simple photography tips to make your photos as beautiful as possible!


Baby's First Cry

Your birth partner will want to be 'in the moment' for that first cry or first look! When the pushing begins, make sure they find out which member of staff in the room is available to take photos for you, then give them your phone or camera to snap away on. The more photos the better!

Top Tip: An image taken from above your head or over the shoulder are great angles if possible.


First Moments with Mum

You will be so grateful if your partner takes photos of you discovering your baby for the first time. The first touch of your bub's soft skin, first kiss, first smell - all of the happiness and love. Black + white edits look amazing when hospital fluoro light is ruining your colours.

Top Tip: If it's daytime, crack open the hospital blinds once bub has arrived and turn off the artificial lights. This will improve your photos IMMENSELY.


First Feed

The first meal of your baby's life - super amazing to witness and take photos of! You'll love seeing the peace that comes over the baby and your face once they latch on. Make sure someone gets a snap of it.

Top Tip: Again, taken from above looks amazing or from the side of baby's head shooting down their nose - not up it.


Skin-to-Skin with Partner

Did you know skin-to-skin with the other parent is hugely beneficial for them and the baby too? Studies have shown it helps to regulate the baby's body temp, lowers their heart rate and stress hormones, colonises their skin with more natural gut flora and increases the bond. Get a nurse or midwife to grab a photo of the moment!

Top Tip: Get your partner's hand in the photo too - hands add interest and connection in an image. Also, see if you can get a photo of your babe's tiny hand holding on to your partner's finger.


Both of You Admiring Your Baby

Grab a nurse or midwife while they are in the room and ask them to take a photo of all of you on the hospital bed. Get the curtains open, face the light and everyone lean in. Get close to show the connection.

Top Tip: Instead of looking at the camera, smile down at your baby, kiss them, smell them. It then becomes a photo about bonds, love and connection rather than smiling tiredly for the camera.


Baby in Crib

Make sure you get a few shots of your baby in their clear hospital crib. This is great for an announcement photo. Don't forget to take one from the side, from above (camera always strapped around your neck when you're above baby please!), close up of face, toes, and a nice one with a name card or wooden plaque if you have one!

Top Tip: You really want to be next to a window for these shots. Hopefully it is overcast but if not maybe there's a sheer blind or you can just pull away from the light if it's too sunny and harsh. Don't have a window in your hospital room? Wheel bub in to the communal baby bath and weighing area to use a window in there.


Wrapped on Hospital Bed

As well as the crib, you can make the bed and take photos of your baby wrapped up and lying on it. Those hospital waffle blankets make for a great textured back drop! (make sure to never leave your babe unattended on the bed)

Top Tip: Play with angles, make sure you can't see up bub's nose - always shoot down the nose as it's far more flattering.


Nose to Nose

Take a photo of each of you with your baby, nose to nose, in front of the window if possible - take this shot from the side. If you can, ask a staff member to take a photo of you all in front of the window with your babe in the middle and both of you looking down at him or her.

Top Tip: This image is best in black + white with lots of contrast and shadows, download an editing app on your phone like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or Photo Editor+.


The Hearing Test

You've got to get a cute photo of your baby looking like a DJ during their hearing test! (I hope they are still doing newborn hearing tests during the pandemic, if not please let me know and I'll change this one!)

Top Tip: If bub is awake, it makes for a funny photo too - our daughter is mid-power-milk-spew in her hearing test photo!


Tiny Toes with Hospital Bracelets

I am obsessed with newborn toes and I am sure you will be too! Take loads of photos of their toes so you get that special one for the album or a frame.

Top Tip: You'll have to take lots of photos if they are moving their feet around. On your camera screen, keep tapping on their toes to focus. Try macro mode if your camera has it.